IEEE Webinar on Demand: IPv6-based IoT – 19 November 2015

Latif LadidPresenter: Latif Ladid
Chair, IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things; President, IPv6 Forum; Research Fellow, University of Luxembourg

The importance of IP addresses as an enabler in the Internet of Things (IoT) is considerable. IPv6 enables about a trillion, trillion, trillion IP addresses whereas IPv4, which has provided about 4.3 billion addresses is largely exhausted. Scalability, better security, performance factors for the particulars of IoT applications, and hockey stick adoption are just some of the benefits of IPv6, but there are hurdles.

In this webinar, presented by IEEE IoT Expert Latif Ladid, attendees will learn the role IPv6 will play in the global IoT and why it is worthwhile to understand its benefits and challenges.

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