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IEEE IoT Experimentation Today

  • IEEE IoT Experimentation: Today and Trends

    At the IEEE Internet of Things Emerging Technical subcommittee we are aware of the multiple faces that IoT technology is generating in the society and we work extensively to be at the forefront in this Internet of Things fast evolution. The unavoidable path towards everything connected bring a clear vision on how the Internet of Things is creating a two-fold society where in one side we have demands for more open, dynamic, interdependent, robust and save networked sensor systems and in the other side we have a increasingly data-driven world of applications and end user services where productivity, knowledge, and user experience are dependent on each other via the Internet.

    The actual experience is telling that the Internet evolves through widely adopted experimentation that engages active users and communities, rather than purely technological advances. Individuals and companies use larger experiment facilities as a way to build experiments that generated knowledge and the necessary insights to verify and validate theories and ideas, and as the basis for creating viable, acceptable and innovative solutions driving benefits to their ecosystems and the involved stakeholders.

    The challenge is to understand how IoT Experimentation contributes to the technology developments/ deployments and to address the multiplicity of user-driven application domains. IoT experimentation with no doubt will drive the evolution, not only around the device technology, IoT infrastructures and platforms but for the Internet End-to-End applications, and beyond that it is also expected IoT Experimentation will increase Business-to-Business opportunities.

    The Internet of Things experimentation is an important activity that will help to incentive the growth of ecosystems that are supported by the research and development of experimental platforms promoting users engagement and addressing important societal challenges, facilitate companies in finding solutions and activate business markets. IoT Experimentation looks at the scalability aspects of IoT technology and applications, best practices for large scale deployments, infrastructure and facilities orchestration, pilots and testbeds federation alike empirical results, from the IEEE IoT ETsC we invite the expert community to be involved in this activity.

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